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Resources to Help You

Over the years, I have amassed a library of well over 400 books and approximately 50 audio learning programs.  I have always loved to learn as much a possible about business and how to succeed. 

Business owners often ask me to recommend some of the best books and programs to them.  This way they get the benefit of some of the best information available without the trouble of buying and reading hundreds of books and programs. 

This list is my response to those questions.  If a particular book or program grabs you, then go for it.  The magical formula for getting what you want in business (and in life) works like this: 

1.    Learn from those who are already successful.

2.    Grow your ability to make a difference.  Grow
         your ability to make things happen.  Grow your mind. 

3.    Succeed at getting what you want.  Achieve your dreams and desires.

Take the first step in the process by committing to learn more about being successful in business.

An investment in learning is often times one of the best investments you will ever make.  It’s the gift to yourself that keeps on giving year after year.

It’s also a wonderful gift for your friends and associates who want to be successful in business. Send This Page To a Friend

I have put the list up on the web site so you get the most up-to-date list of resources to help you transform the way you manage your business.  I keep this list constantly updated for you.

I will be expanding this list to other resources to help you make more and more money each year.

Check back often to see what's new (you may want to bookmark this page)!

You can click on any of these recommendations if you would like to buy it NOW at Nightingale-Conant or at Amazon.  It's fast and easy!


Audio Programs You Should Have in Your Car



 The 80/20 Principle

iconRichard Koch has done a brilliant job of presenting the 80/20 principle in this audio program. He has a very direct and to the point style that I really enjoy.  Check it out.  This principle is key to your ability to get things done.



  Rich Dad Secrets

This is an excellent audio program where Robert T. Kiyosaki shares with you why some people work less, earn more, pay less in taxes, and feel more financially secure than others. He provides insights and strategies to help you achieve your dreams of financial independence.



 The E-Myth Seminar

Michael Gerber says that your business should make it possible for you to do whatever you wish, whenever you wish, while continuing to produce exceptional results. . . without you! That is your fundamental goal—dispensability! This is an audio program you will listen to over and over again.




Success Strategies for the Crazy Busy




Cash Flow Quadrant: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom

Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon L. Lechter, CPA reveal why some people work less, earn more, pay less in taxes, and feel more financially secure than others. Chapter 14 has a wonderful discussion titled "Take Control of Your Cash Flow" that demonstrates the importance of managing cash flow in order to position yourself to make intelligent decisions about your money.


Cash Rules: Learn & Manage the 7 Cash-Flow Drivers For Your Company's Success

Bill McGuinness believes that maintaining positive cash flow is everybody's business within a company, from the owners and directors to sales personnel to accounts receivable and accounts payable staffers. He has a very good discussion about the differences between the income statement and the actual cash flows of a business in Chapter 4.


Essentials of Cash Flow

Harold A. Schaeffer, Jr. sets out many creative ways to improve cash flow, reduce costs, and keep those expenses that need to be paid under control.


Understanding Cash Flow: Getting to the Bottom of Your Bottom Line

Franklin J. Plewa, Jr. and George T. Freidlob deal with the detail, the process, the terminology, and the internal and external players in the flow of cash through a company. Chapter 3 has a very good discussion about the need for budgeting and how many business owners resist creating a cash flow budget (projection).


 If You're Clueless About Accounting and Finance: And Want to Learn More

Seth Godin and Paul Lim have written an easy-to-follow book about accounting and finance.  It does a very good job of translating the language of accounting and finance into plain English.


Releasing Kings for Ministry in the Marketplace

This book is written by a friend. He who walks you through the passion that starts when God connects your job, business, ministry, and life purpose into one package. Christian men and women entrepreneurs in the workplace, or their home business, bring a creative health to cash flow, co-workers, and customers. Marketplace ministry begins with a dream or hobby; a desire that God put in your heart - an entrepreneurial spirit that replaces the paycheck-to-paycheck mentality with a new attitude, financial health, and finally an ability to make others successful - A riveting book that will connect you with the favor God already has on your life.





I will be expanding this list to include lots of additional titles and other resources to help you make more and more money every year.

Check back often to see what's new!


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